The main focus of our repertoire is the combinations of soprano voice with soprano chalumeau and flute allemande with soprano chalumeau. Neglected for nearly three centuries, the chalumeau has re-emerged in today’s historically informed performance practice and our principal aim is to bring back the attention to its sacred and secular repertoire, through a careful musicological research in collaboration with the Austrian National Library and the Meininger Musikarchiv.  The instrument was extremely in vogue at the Viennese court during the first half of the 18th century and has a strategic importance in the development of baroque woodwind instruments between the baroque and classical era. Next to the works for chalumeau, we also play Viennese repertoire for soprano voice with other obbligato instruments such as the viola da gamba, the lute and the mandoline.
Our different programmes mostly consist of both vocal and instrumental pieces that are connected through a specific theme or concept and can be tailored for specific request. 


Il sospirato ben
La Festa Teatrale
Il trionfo della grazia
Court composers and travellers (instrumental)


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